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Air-Conditioning Specialist

Distributor of the Absorption Chiller which is the application of the technology of taking the heat or waste heat from the production such as Steam, Hot water, Hot air, and Hot gas either one or combination of two or three as source of chilled water production for industrial sector in variety of factories such as Petrol chemical, Refinery, Biochemical, Coal mine, Iron mine, Vulcanization, Thermal power plant, Textile, Food & Beverage, Palm oil, Paper and Pulp, Tri-Gen power plant, Co-Gen power plant, Hot water by solar and Geothermal energy   these input for low cost chilled water leading to energy and power saving as well as environmental friendly.We are also a distributor of Heat Pump which is a reverse technology for absorption chiller for producing hot water. The technology is applied to increase the room temperature of the water source before transferring to the boiler and/or the production process in which the hot water or the steam is/are generated. It can reduce fuel consumption such as reduce steam for boiler by 30-40% etc.Also we are distributor for world-class Electrical Chiller over 120 years established which the Vertical Screw Compressor is their professional design for reducing the power consumption with long service life and its advance technology in chiller make a good application on Ice Thermal Storage and this technology and knowhow is protected by the patent right under one manufacturer. Beside, the chiller plant is also take a major role to automatically control and manage the chiller to minimize the power consumption and efficiency utilize the energy for energy saving in building and skyscraper such as Government center, Office building, Shopping mall, Hotel, Hospital and so on.

Clean Energy Specialist

Distributor of the Solar Module and Solar Inverter.  The module and invertor play a major role in currency generated in the solar power plants, factories, buildings & residential areas as well as household units. Solar is clean & renewable energy suitable for customer who have their concern in environment & the limitation of the natural resources so it would be better to use the technology to utilize the low cost-unlimited natural resources to keep the environmental friendly and reduce the world pollution.Solar module and inverter are produce by new automatic and highly standardized technology with high quality control and traceability by world class manufacturer so the product produced is certified as world class product for durability and quality as well as uncomplicated and ease of use and maintenance.Beside, other variety types of products in clean energies such as Biomass, Biogas, Wind, Hydropower and Geothermal Energy can be a solution provided to customer.


Industrial & Commercial

Development & Project Developer

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